We are the Official CrossFit Gym of
Belmont Heights and Belmont Shore!

CrossFit is a training system designed for all ages and fitness levels! We follow a structure of high intensity, constantly varied, functional movements! There are three elements to this program: Metabolic Conditioning (a.k.a.- Cardio), Gymnastics (any bodyweight exercise), and Weightlifting (strength training).

Since June 2012, we've been providing a safe and positive environment by building a tight-knit community.  We are constantly evolving our training methods to better train and challenge everyone, from competitive athletes, firefighters, and police officers to stay at home moms and couch potatoes. Our Coaches will make you comfortable to safely push your limits. They are not just experienced Athletes in the sport of CrossFit, but trained through CrossFit certified courses.

Everyone at CFBH is an Athlete and your SAFETY and experience is our top priority.


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