Workout 15

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CrossFit Belmont Heights – CrossFit


General Warm-up 1 (No Measure)

For this warm-up, you will do 30sec of the “movement”, and 30sec of Jumping Jacks. The goal is to get the muscles warm and the heart rate up.

Your first 4min should be a gradual build-up of intensity.

Min 5-8 can be a little more intense.

Min 0 & 4: Run

Min 1 & 5: Hand Release Push-ups

Min 2 & 6: Run

Min 3 & 7: Burpees

Phase 1: Dumbbell

Dumbbell 1 (Weight)

15min EMOM

5L/5R Dumbbell Hang C&J

10 DB Lunge

Phase 2: The Slamball

Slamball 1 (AMRAP – Reps)

Death By Slamball

For as long as possible…(Starting at 5 Ball Slams)

Min 1: 5 Ball Slam

Min 2: 6 Ball Slams

Min 3: 7 Ball Slams

Min 4: 8 Ball Slams

Min 5: 9 Ball Slams

Min 6: 10 Ball Slams

*Add 1 rep each minute

**Continue this pattern until you cant complete the reps required.

Phase 3: The Kettlebell

Kettlebell 1 (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


1 KB Romanian DL

1 KB Goblet Squat

1 Hand-Release Push-up

** Add 1 Rep Every Round **

Phase 4: The Bumper Plate

Bumper Plate 1 (Time)

“Pizza Delivery Guy”

For Time: (20min Cap)

10 Rounds

200m Run

10 Plate ground-to-Overhead

20 Plate Russian Twists (L+R=2)

Phase 5: Bodyweight

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

10 Rounds: (20min)

30sec: AMRAP Burpees


Rest 90sec

Can you hit 125? How about 150??!
10x 2min Rounds.

Every round, you’ll get 30 second to do as many Burpees as you can, followed by 90sec of rest.

This means you should be maxing out your effort each round!!!


Metcon (Time)

6 Rounds:

400m Run

1min Rest between times

Score you total time (Including Rest)

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